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You know that feeling when you’re getting ready for a wedding, and you’re not sure what to wear? You don’t want to be too casual or too fancy, but it’s equally important that you don’t look like a slob either. I’m here to help! Below are some guidelines on what is acceptable and not acceptable to wear when attending a wedding.

A maxi dress that fits you well

If you’re planning on wearing a dress, make sure that it’s long enough to cover your knees. The hem of the dress should be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Also, make sure that your dress is fitted well and not too tight or short for the occasion, this may be considered inappropriate by some people there.

A dress with a slit to show off your legs

If you want to wear a dress with a slit, make sure it’s on the side of the dress and not the front. If you choose to go with this option, be prepared for people to stare at your legs as they wonder what lies beneath your hem.

As long as it’s not too high and reveals more than just a glimpse, it should be okay but if you have flabby thighs or cellulite on display then maybe try something else instead.

A cocktail dress or jumpsuit

If the invitation says cocktail dress, then you’ll want to wear a cocktail dress. If it says jumpsuit, then you should probably go for the jumpsuit. And if it simply says, “formal attire,” your best bet is to get yourself into something fancy and flashy but not too flashy.

You can find a good example of what I mean by looking at this picture of me wearing a purple tuxedo (with matching socks) at my friend’s wedding.

Wear To a Wedding

A suit

A suit. For men, of course it’s a suit. For women, we actually like the idea of suits too (although they should be more like dresses or jumpsuits). We also think that suits can look great on babies and pets!

A fancy pair of pants with a tucked in blouse

This is a very common look for weddings, and it’s perfect if you’re feeling nervous about your outfit. Simply pair a crisp white button-up blouse with a pair of dark pants no matter what style you choose, this combination will be sophisticated and polished. The key is matching the color of your top to the color of your pants: if you’re wearing black slacks, opt for an off-white or cream colored shirt so that they match seamlessly, if you’re wearing navy blue jeans, try a pop of color with a coral or red blouse to add some flair.

If you don’t have time to go shopping before the wedding (or don’t want to spend money on new clothes), there are other options wear to a wedding! You can wear any type of shirt: long sleeve or short sleeve, solid or patterned, sleeveless or three-quarter length sleeves it doesn’t matter as long as it complements whatever pants/jeans/trousers/skirts/dresses etc.,

Make sure not to look too flashy or sexy

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding what to wear to a wedding:

  • You have options! You can be creative and combine different styles of clothing to create the perfect look. Just make sure not to look too flashy or sexy when wearing them!
  • Some people feel uncomfortable wearing certain types of clothing (such as long skirts) because they associate it with being religious or conservative. If you know what type of style you tend towards, try dressing differently than usual for this special occasion.


I hope this article helped you decide what to wear to a wedding! Remember that no matter what you choose, it’s important to think about how it will make you feel and if it fits in with the rest of the guests.