Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
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Running a business is an endeavor, given all it entails to make everything work properly to achieve business and revenue growth. One of the things that businesses require is Microsoft 365, which makes it possible for different kinds of businesses to function correctly when the applications and services are adequately exploited. To get the best out of Microsoft 365, the services of a Microsoft Office 365 consulting company come in handy, making it possible to get the best solutions that meet the exact needs of the business. Jones Professional Service Corporation is a Microsoft Office 365 consulting company with a team of skilled consultants that handhold their clients, giving them excellent solutions for their businesses. The services facilitate the easy integration and exploitation of Microsoft 365 into the digital business infrastructure to enhance all internal processes.

One of the advantages of Microsoft Office 365 is that it has a complete online cloud service that facilitates security, mobility, flexibility, and collaboration for different businesses. The Microsoft Office 365 consulting professionals have an in-depth understanding of the software and applications, putting them in a position to make the right decisions on the ones best suited to facilitate the achievement of business goals and objectives. The consultancy is provided in several ways: project: project management, managed support, group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring, and training to choose the most practical solution. The various Microsoft Office 365 applications include:

Exchange Online

To achieve effective business services and delivery, it is necessary to access the various business channels from any device. An example can handle emails, groups, and contacts through a mobile device, making it easy to run specific processes wherever the person is. Microsoft Office 365 consulting gives businesses the exchange of online applications, which gives the business access to certain business aspects like the calendar and tasks from any device, whether a mobile phone or an iPad. Through proper integration with Active Directory and Azure AD (ADD), the access gets done so that the business data doesn’t get exposed to any risks such as security breaches and data loss.

Microsoft teams

Working in the office makes it easy for people to have meetings and discussions by coming together in board rooms. Sometimes it becomes necessary to have meetings while out of the office to handle pressing business matters. Also, some businesses have adopted the work-from-home program; hence, getting people to room for room is quite challenging. Microsoft Office 365 consulting professionals provide businesses with a Microsoft teams application that facilitates online meetings at the click of a button. The application enables internal and external teams to collaborate efficiently, improving all the processes and saving the business time and money. Various groups and departments get to interact to handle their schedule easily and set a clear path for achieving their goals.


The combination of Facebook and LinkedIn is facilitated through the Yammer application, which helps businesses keep people on the same page. The application works on an internal social network, enabling the business and its partners to handle Microsoft services and product events, among other activities. The Microsoft Office 365 professionals provide exceptional Microsoft Office 365 consulting services, which enable businesses to exploit the software and handle business issues with internal personnel. The process makes it possible to provide partners and internal personnel with information containing the state of the businesses and the various adjustments to enhance their service delivery.

Project Online

Business projects are pretty involving, given their critical nature to impact the business positively or negatively. Microsoft Office 365 consulting provides businesses with an online project application that enables them to manage portfolios and projects on the web. Through the application, the user can make the necessary adjustments whenever necessary; hence, working with professionals enables the business to achieve customized solutions.

Microsoft Automate

The seamless flow of services gives the business a flawless internal operation process that positively impacts its output. Microsoft Automate enables businesses to have an automated workflow that sends notifications, moves files, and seeks approval, among other processes. The application has several templates available on the platform, and the skilled consultants are well-experienced in offering the right solution that meets the needs of the business. The solutions enhance the business’s processes, making achieving the set goals and objectives easy.