Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
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In some industries, adhesives play important roles. Of course, strength and quality of adhesive is important. However, there is other important things that should get attention in choosing the adhesive, and one of them is about the value upheld by the manufacturer that produce the adhesive. In this case, Robatech provides something called as green gluing and it is something interesting since it is not only to provide high quality of adhesive, but it has concern in the sustainability of the nature since nature still becomes the essential parts for the sources and other indirect aspects of the adhesive.

Resource Management


One of the first concerns is about the resource. In this case, Robatech pays attention to the production process of the adhesive. The whole processes are planned properly in order to provide better management of energy and cost consumption. This is important aspect since low energy consumption will make the whole process more environmental-friendly. Then, the adhesive products are improved in order to reduce the wastes. It will be almost impossible to have no waste, but it is still possible to make it into minimum level and it is what the manufacturer does to show its contribution to the nature.

Ecological Concern

In addition to the management of resource that pays attention to the impact on the nature and its better contribution for nature preservation, there is also ecological concern shown in the green gluing. It is not just the label or slogan to make it more attractive. In fact, the industry or manufacturer uses the green technology in the process of producing and processing the glue. One of the clear proofs is the use of solar energy. Using the solar energy is great for nature since it will emit less pollution. In addition, it will cut the fuel-based power source. It creates sustainable cycle in which both customer and nature will get the benefits.