Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

When we step for the first time upon the digital lawns, our minds stay stuffed with terms like SEO, backlinks, ranking, etc. Although all these things impact a website’s ranking largely, there is one more thing that people often ignore – web design. But the crowd is changing lately. Take a look at Web Design Service in Digital White Labels for example. They offer, marketing, SEO, and web design – all under one roof. Why? Because they all matter. There is a reason why people spend millions on web design. Its impact’s a website’s ranking.

So, how can you ensure that your web design supports your SERP ranking dreams?

Web Design and its relation to SERP ranking!

In the initial days of the internet, web design was not an issue. Because the internet was fairly new, in its infantile stage, its demands were different. It wanted to gather the crowd. It wanted to attract people to upload their content, their imagination, over the internet. The aim was to build a community. And this happened within a flash of a few years. There were people, there were websites, and there was content in large numbers. Now, the demands of the internet had shifted from content creation to quality content creation. These were the years after 2010. Google released many major updates to tackle off the bad quality spam content –

  • Penguin Update
  • Hummingbird
  • Panda
  • RankBrain
  • BERT

The purpose was to bring the internet into an organized state. People were stuffing the internet with bad quality content in an attempt to trick Google and attract more customers/users. They were using black hat tactics to gain SERP rankings in less time. It worked for some time until Google released its powerful updates. It led to a drop in the rankings of millions of websites. People were crying their foul hearts out. But it was required. Such wretchedness had become the state that you were searching for ‘what are web design services’ and websites selling spam links were coming at the top results in Google.

Now, there is RankBrain update and the BERT update that works on understanding the language and its context. Now, another need has arisen – to look at the structure of the websites that hold the content. The content must indeed be good, but the website must also be safe and secure and smooth and pure. This gave way too many quality companies with an aim to shape the internet towards grace and greatness. For example, Web Design Service in Digital White Labels have been working on crafting websites in such a way that helps all. But why does it matter?

Web Design directly impacts the website’s SERP rankings!

It was back in the year 2021 that a revelation happened. Mr. John Mueller came before the world and confirmed that web design will now be having a direct impact on the websites’ rankings. The factors that will assess the web design will be called Core Web Vitals that will assess the Page Experience.

Here is a list of these web vitals evaluating the overall Page Experience –

  • Core Web Vitals
    • LCP (page loading speed)
    • FID (delay in call-to-action buttons)
    • CLS (speed at which elements of the web page adjusts themselves and take their place)
  • Other Web Vitals
    • Mobile Friendliness
    • HTTPS and Secure Browsing
    • No Intrusive Interstitials (no interruptive pop ups)

These all things get taken care of by an expert web design service. So, as now you know why Web Design impacts the SERP rankings, it is time to look at the guidelines to excel at your web design.

Guidelines to make your web design SEO friendly and to rank higher on SERP!

If you have the content written above, you’d have a basic understanding of how a web design impacts the search rankings of websites. Now, it is time to reveal to you a few guidelines to make your web design SEO friendly.

The first thing you’d want to know is if you do not know anything about web design, you should not try your hand out. It might break your website, making it hard for even a web developer to locate the issue then. Go find some expert web design service in the area around you. But, if you have some basic understanding of how web design works, here is a brief guide about how to make your web design SEO friendly and rank higher on SERP.

1 – Take care of Mobile Responsiveness!

The data is that there are more mobile users in the world than those who use other devices. This directly implies that the focus must be shifted on mobile responsive themes and web designs. Back in the days you might have experienced that when you were opening a website, it was opening in desktop mode. This was because the website was not designed to adjust itself according to the device it was loading on.

A Responsive web design ensures that the user is able to easily surf the internet without caring about the device s/he uses.

2 – Make your coding efficient!

Another thing that interrupts the user experience is the quality of coding of a web design. There are times when you click on the first link on Google and then end up waiting for seconds and seconds to let the website open up. Studies have found that 1 second of delay can result in around a 7% drop in the Conversion Rate. It is very similar to the dating experience when you keep waiting for your date to arrive, but nothing happens for hours except the passing of the cars and passersby. The result? You sort of judge your date negatively.

When making a website, code efficiently so that your website loads up faster. The more efficient the coding, the faster the loading speed, the higher your website’s ranking. Check out Web Design Service in Digital White Labels if you have no idea of how things work.

Another thing is to avoid the use of website builders. They create your website with ease but make it harder for it to load faster. Reason? Because website builders use prebuilt codes and heap them up one over another. It leads to 4 times more script than regular coding.

3 – Secure your website!

Security is a great concern. In times when everything is digital, cyber thieves try stealing the personal data of users for their own benefit. If you have a website, you’d want to make it as secure as possible. Here are a few things you can do to make your website secure –

  • Use SSL
  • Use HTTPS
  • Do regular scans for malwares in your website.
  • Use of WAF and DDoS
  • Use website scanners to scan malicious coding injected in your website

These things ensure that your users have a sense of security when they visit your website.

4 – Structurize your website

Another thing is to keep your data in a structured order. Structured data is easy for Search Engines to crawl and understand. It is the difference between writing an essay in a free chain of thoughts v/s writing it in a structured way that is easy to understand. When designing a website and uploading the content, you must make sure that there is a structure to it. Here are a few examples of what a structured data looks like –

  • Proper Headline tags
  • Good quality internal linking (providing internal links where required)
  • High quality backlinks and link building –
  • Proper media optimization
  • Meta description and alt tags where due
  • Use of Schema, DCMI, Microdata, FOAF, etc.

Do these things and you will ensure that your web design grows with grace.

If you hold a vision to see your website grow in the long term, the advice is always to invest in its nourishment. A website requires quality link building like , web design, SEO, Marketing, etc. It is a cost, but it pays back 400-500% more in ROI. Web Design Service in Digital White Labels has a proven record of providing many times more ROI. Check them out and get consulted.

By Colleen