Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
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Through vibrant colors and incredible spots to visit among the cities, Finland offers plenty of unforgettable and attractive places. The diverse and positive attributes like stunning sceneries, unspoiled environment, and citizens’ hospitality attract tourists to Finland. On Christmas days, these places bring a special vibe to themselves. The streets and markets are covered in Christmas decorations. The remarkable spots in Finland tend to have a higher level of joy with this Christmas tradition. There can be a long list of these types of must-see Christmas spots in case you make sure to check Finnish travel reviews and find the best spots. Also, be sure to check ReviewsBird for a different perspective on these destinations and see what other people think and you might also be able to find other spots.

The best Christmas spots in Finland

Making it convenient for you, we have mentioned 5 best travel destinations to visit in Finland at Christmas.


Being the country’s capital, the most popular place in Finland is Helsinki. It has a history of replicating the style of a Russian city in 1812. The three major spots are Lutheran Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, and Church in the Rock. You can also visit other remarkable spots like the National Museum of Finland and dozens of other museums and art galleries. Heritage and art lovers can find many marvelous places in Helsinki.


For natural beauty lovers, Finland has many dreamy places. Levi has popular spots for skiing as well as snowboarding. If you plan to visit a place where your kids and family can enjoy it outside, you should decide to go to Levi.

The most memorable time during your visit to Levi would be the nightlife. The clubs, lounges, and Finnish bars make the nights unforgettable. During the Christmas season, Levi resorts should be in your preference.

Finnish Lakeland

With an abundance of lakes, Finnish Lakeland has much to offer. Saimaa, the district’s largest lake, is excellent for hiking, swimming, or just boating. It doesn’t end here; the university town of Jyväskylä is another attractive place to visit.


It’s along the coast of southern Finland, where the city is among one of the old nations and served as Finland’s capital during the 19th century. It’s one of the major destinations in Finland that offers plenty of landmarks and historical attractions. You’ll find the most vibrant art here, along with the mesmerizing architecture of 19th-century artists.

Another aspect of the beauty of Turku is the neighborhood of Luostarinmäki, which has a history of survival from the 19th century’s great fire. Moreover, twin museums Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova add to this place’s list of catchy spots. So it would be best if you didn’t miss these during your visit.


The popular second-oldest town in Finland, Porvoo, has a healthy culture of wooden homes and can be a great place for Christmas in Finland. The landmarks of the 13th century and the wooden architecture of the 19th century have excellent spots. You can find many places for exploration like museums for local art and heritage, the Cathedral of the 11th century, etc.

The Final Verdict

Exploring new places is a healthy activity that we should adopt. As you need a little more time to do so, Christmas days are perfect. All the above places are best at their attributes. Memorable places like Finland’s lakes and cities are hard to find anywhere else.