Wed. May 22nd, 2024
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Websites are used as a business tool. Several factors have an impact on websites’ performance like domain and hosting. Another important factor is website design.

Having the best web design NZ for your websites helps you ensure success for your brand. If your website feels a little outdated to the users, you might lose visitors to your website. In such cases, you can choose to redesign your website.

However, there are key factors to keep in mind while redesigning your website. In this article, we will delve into some website redesign tips and things to consider when redesigning your website.

Why Should You Redesign Your Website?

If you cross any of the website redesign checklists mentioned below you should consider changing your website’s design.

  • Your company’s website does not reflect the identity of the business.
  • Users are finding it complex and difficult to communicate with you through the website.
  • Users are dropping out of the conversion flow as certain links are broken.
  • Your website feels old-fashioned.
  • The user interface is unreliable and confusing causing users to make mistakes.
  • Users are finding it difficult to explore and navigate through your website.

Factors to Consider when Redesigning your Website

Analyze the Changes Required

Before redesigning your website, determine which features or aspects of your current website design require changes.

Additionally, you can use analytics to find out what visitors find useful and what they don’t find useful.

Once you determine the features or aspects that do not work, you improve it or get rid of it entirely.

Checkout Your Competitors

Looking at your competitors and other web designs can provide perspective on what web designs are popular.

This also provides you with intel on how you can do better in web designing. Make sure you make a note of what your website design lacks in comparison to other successful websites.

 Furthermore, set some goals to improve these features in website redesign.


You can either make certain changes to your current website design or completely redesign your website. Depending on your website redesign plan make sure to set aside a suitable budget.

If you are planning to completely redesign your website, you’ll either copy-write yourself or you can hire a professional copywriter. Hiring a web designer is also an option that will have an impact on the budget.

Therefore it is essential to keep in mind and add these extra costs if you require certain additional services.

Assemble All Your Content

Now you have decided on your website’s goals and determined which features and aspects need to be changed or improved. The next step is to assemble all content that will be used for website redesign.

This content includes a detailed list of plugins, tools, and other integrations that are required for your website, up-to-date copy for the pages of your website, and new photos for your website, you might need to do a new photoshoot.

How to Redesign your Website

  • Evaluate the current performance of your website. Set a performance benchmark for your website.
  • Identify and preserve the value of VIPs (very important pages) during the redesign process.
  • Evaluate whether your website redesign requires a New platform.
  • If you have chosen a new platform you’ll have to migrate your content.
  • Create a 301 redirection map to ensure that clicks on old URLs will be redirected to the new one.
  • Continuously monitor the performance of your redesigned website.
  • Lastly, you will need to link Google Analytics with your redesigned website.

To Wrap It Up

Redesigning a website might seem like a hassle. But once you understand all your options and what factors to keep in mind about website redesigning you easily redesign your website.

Always make sure your website’s redesign caters to the requirements of your website, this ensures increased performance.